Upcoming live !


Cycle of 5th presents “A Dramatic Time of Events Vol.16”

March 24,2018@Sugamo CCO (巣鴨獅子王)

Open 16:00 start 16:30

Charge JPY1,800-ADV, JPY2,100-DOOR

(+1Drink JPY500)

1. 16:30-17:15=Acesheidi (アルプスの撃墜王ハイジ)(as Iron Maiden) <- – – we are here! 1st run up!!

2. 17:30-18:15=プラズマ (Loud/Mix Rock Band)

3. 18:30-19:15=新☆理事(as Thin Lizzy )

4. 19:30-20:15=Cycle of 5th(prog metal)

5. 20:30-21:15=Skid and Roses (as Guns N’ Roses)